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Big Town Small Business

SeattleMost of you have already seen Webisode 7 and are probably expecting us to give up Web Marketing to pursue a promising career in the music biz. We hate to disappoint you guys, but we aren’t quitting our day jobs – we love them too much! Being such huge music fans, it was a no-brainer for us to jump at the chance to interview Mark Simmons and Tryfe of Pacific Studios in Tacoma, Washington. In the last ten years, you’ve most likely heard horror stories about staying alive in the music industry. With so many independent labels and recording studios popping up and fizzling all over the place, it was an awesome treat to meet one that’s not only still around after 15 years, but is actually expanding! Even the rise in home recording studios hasn’t hurt Mark’s business. It’s actually helped. He had loads of great information for entrepreneurs, and not just those in the music business. Professional Recording StudioAfter interviewing Mark Simmons, we spoke with Tryfe about how growing up with music and trying to hit the big time has inspired him to find a career in production and marketing. Like us, Tryfe loves to watch the fruits of his labor grow. Just as we strive to help other businesses grow, Tryfe is hard at work fostering new talented artists and guiding them towards their own success. He even produced a song for iWebXpert. With such a strong response to all of our ‘beat-boxing’, we just couldn’t resist! If you haven’t caught it already, check out Webisode 7 of Big Town Small Business and our rap video by clicking the image below!

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