Portland, Oregon | Week/Webisode 6

Big Town Small Business

We spent week 6 of Big Town Small Business in Portland, Oregon. It was amazing to see another community with such flare and reverence for creativity and entrepreneurialism! Visiting the largest independent book store IN THE WORLD was quite a joy in addition to being a helpful reminder that there is always more to learn. Whether from experience, countless forms of media and technology, or practical education there is always something to gain from personal reflection and perseverance. It sounds a little silly to say, “We learned that we have more to learn”, but it isn’t. So many people are oblivious to the nearly infinite resources that are available to anyone out there who is driven to live a life that they want and are willing to work for. Gina Morris, co-owner of Radish Underground in Portland, not only one of those understood that, she was also one of those entrepreneurs who was determined to make sure everyone else knew it as well. Check out Webisode 6 of Big Town Small Business by clicking the image below!

Big Town Small Business | Portland

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-Next stop: Seattle, Washington!

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