Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | Week/Webisode 8

Hybrid Athlete

Big Town Small Business

hybrid athleteWeek 8 of our Big Town Small Business road trip found us in Pittsburgh, PA, the City of Bridges. There we met up with Anthony and Joe Vennare of educational online fitness resource Hybrid Athlete. We could tell from the beginning that these guys are hardcore entrepreneurs. To start with, instead of working out of an office, they set up their laptops every day at a local coffee shop (usually Starbucks). Talk about cutting down on your overhead. Anthony and Joe originally created Hybrid Athlete as a personal training program, and things quickly took off from there. Using kettlebell weights (often used in CrossFit exercises), they put together a training program called Kettlebell Cardio, and shortly after that they opened their own gym (which they converted from an old, rundown skate park in a mere matter of days). Recognizing the potential of their industry, the Vennares closed their gym and completely moved their business to the internet, selling quality training material and posting dozens of free instructional videos. They even implemented a Pay-What-You-Want plan for the training programs! We thought that was pretty gutsy, and–as it turns out–remarkably effective. These guys were really young when they started their business back in 2008, and their passion and creative energy hasn’t dwindled in the slightest since then. We were very impressed by their drive and enthusiasm. They’re constantly striving to learn more about their industry and entrepreneurialism in general, and are always looking to other entrepreneurs for inspiration and new ideas. Also, they’ve got a genuine passion for fitness and really care about their audience. They’re not just trying to sell you or get you on some e-mail subscription that floods your spam folder. After giving us a kettlebell workout demonstration, the Vennares had some business to attend to, and we got back on the road. With the road trip finally winding down, we reflected on all the impressive sights we’ve seen and wonderful people we’ve met over the past two months. It’s been a crazy adventure, and we’ve learned quite a lot from every entrepreneur we’ve interviewed. Thank you to everyone who offered us their time and hospitality during the trip. We couldn’t have done it without you. To watch Webisode 8, click the image below!

Hybrid Athlete

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