Colorado – Week 3

Big Town Small Business

Big Town Small BusinessWe are now officially more than a quarter of the way through our two-month road trip Big Town Small Business. It’s been pretty surreal. From the drastic climate changes to the vastly different types of people we’ve met, this journey has seldom ceased to amaze us. It’s been so amazing that we’ve had to constantly stop each other from living with the camera in our hands. Constant reality checks have reminded us to take this all in; to live in the moment and to remember that we are truly present in these crazy beautiful places (and some not so beautiful). Frequently, our moments of awe are interrupted by realizations of the daunting amount of work we have before us. In terms of how we spend our time though, we’ve managed to maintain a proper balance between work and play… until Vegas, that is – but that’s next week!

Big Town Small Business Road TripThis week we spent the majority of a Thursday with Geoff Hess at Oskar Blues Brewing. Geoff showed us around their Longmont brewing facility, fed us lunch at the new OB burger joint CHUBurger, gave us a tour of the Hops and Heiffers Farm, and directed us to the original restaurant and brewhouse in Lyons, CO to see where it all began. We know what you’re thinking, and yes – we did do all of this in one day. We even spent time on a mountain. And all this on only three hours of sleep, having spent the whole night and most of the early morning editing our second webisode.

If we were to pick a theme for this week, we’d say it was ‘Take a shot’. Geoff mentioned that the Oskar Blues employees are always encouraged to come up with new iWebXpert Big Town Small Businessideas, throw them against the wall and see if they stick, to “take a shot”. Bravery and creativity are essential tools in any business owner’s arsenal. Without them, you will never grow as a company. We get this.

It was ‘taking a shot’ that landed us such a cool interview in the first place. Two weeks before leaving for our trip, while dropping a friend off at the Asheville airport, Daniel noticed an Oskar Blues van ahead of him in line at the terminal. He grabbed a business card and walked right up to the driver side window to introduce himself and find none other than Dale Katechis–owner and founder of Oskar Blues–talking on the phone. Dale was dropping Geoff off after visiting the new Brevard brewing facility. One three and half minute conversation later, they were exchanging business cards, and Geoff was inviting us to spend some time with him in Colorado.

iWebXpertOne month later and there we were, enjoying the Colorado mountains, drinking delicious craft brew, and pinching ourselves as an understanding of the scope of what we are doing set in. Maybe it was driving through a snowstorm at one o’clock in the morning, or the breathtaking hidden overlooks on Flagstaff Mountain Summit that woke us up. Then again, maybe it was watching the odometer roll over four thousand miles while listening to Led Zeppelin on the car stereo. “I come from the land of the ice and snow…” Either way…

Colorado, we will miss you.

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Watch our Colorado Big Town Small Business Webisode, HERE!

-Next stop: Las Vegas, Nevada!
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