Announcement: Big Town Small Business – 2013 US Road Trip

iWebXpert is hitting the road!

Flyer1_Bigtown_JhershonOn April 1st, 2013 we are departing on a 2-month trip/tour/adventure across the US that we are calling ‘Big Town Small Business’. As entrepreneurs, we’re trying to enrich and develop our brand; to more than just a website and online marketing company. We’re raising the bar and using our knowledge and experience to equip today’s independent business owners with the tools to survive in the predominantly digital age.

Our Mission:

Our mission is simple. We aim to promote and enliven the entrepreneurial spirit throughout the United States. We are taking a two month road trip as brothers and independent business owners to offer free workshops, create documentary style interviews, and to promote community support with an inventive social media campaign. It is our desire that everyone understand the wonderful benefits, challenges, and insatiable drive that comes hand-in-hand with being a small business owner.

Our Itinerary:

Throughout ‘Big Town Small Business’ iWebXpert is spending time in the following cities (and many in between) to meet with independent business owners, to interview them, and to transmit their stories and experiences into informative, albeit entertaining, videos and blogs:

It is our feeling that these ‘small/small-ish’ fish in these ‘big/bigger ponds’ will have more pearls of wisdom to share for the business owner and business-minded individual out there than we can put into a weekly video and blog. We invite you to follow and experience this journey with us. We also hope you will cheer us on and share our posts and videos with friends and colleagues. If anything, we hope to inspire you to come to the notion that, ‘Hey, if they can do it, WE can too!’


P.S. If you feel like contributing to our mission in any way – creatively, financially, or otherwise – please feel free to COMMENT, Click the ‘CONTRIBUTE!‘ button, or send us an EMAIL to ‘’. Big Town Small Business  

2 thoughts on “Announcement: Big Town Small Business – 2013 US Road Trip

  1. Cindy Clarke

    Hi Brothers!
    Enjoyed the Asheville C-T article. You two have an incredible journey ahead and will be in an excellent position of opportunity to encourage family owned businesses as well. There are several blogs, websites, publications, and Family Business Centers that support this type of business navigate through their unique challenges. I am the Director of the UNC Asheville Family Business Forum which hosts 10 seminars a year on topics such as family compensation, sibling rivalry, and succession planning. Would love to give you info before you leave. Do you have 15 minutes to meet with me before you leave? Have car, can travel, will meet anywhere.


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